California based artist and producer Milliyon
just released his new EP. Listen and grab your copy.


Long Live The King

Release date: 2016-07-18


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Who Is Milliyon


I have a passion. Not just any passion, but a passion for change. I desire to set standard for a different type of living. A life that has a purpose, that means something more than the clothes I wear, the car I drive & the amount of money in my bank account. I have a desire to cause a change of mindset in the hearts of my family, friends, & all those I come in contact with.

The greatest thing I have ever experienced is the love, joy, & peace I find daily in my walk with Jesus. Not a bunch of laws, not religion, but a genuine relationship with Jesus Christ. The knowledge of his grace and how much he loves me unconditionally has
changed my life like never before. My mission, simple. To make immeasurable impact reaching an uncountable number of people with the message of hope, love, & grace found in a relationship with Jesus Christ.

Who am I… nobody. I’m just someone determined to live an accurate life according to the word. I’m just someone who’s passionate about seeing the lives of young people changed all across this nation. Im just someone determined to spread the message of Jesus Christ to as many people as I possibly can. ME..I’m just Milliyon but my lifestyle, it’s Milliyonic.